Lord Drago III

Drago III has returned from his glorious days of adventuring to take on the mantle of his late fathers rulership, to find a wife, raise a family, and be as great a leader and ruler as his father.

In his 30’s he is the eldest of the four children. A warrior by trade he revel in the martial skills in is purposed to be as skilled with a sword and lance as his father. However his brash nature is that of youthfull arrongance, and it is obvious that quite a few of especially the older villagers think he is too young to rule and not level headed enough to keep the peace that the pople have enjoyed for so long.

His coronation celebrations are to be a very unusal affair. Whether it is his own brash manerisms, or an attempt to get closer to the people he has shortened the normal offical cermony and instead has made it into a social gathering, followed by tournament games.

DRago has been away from home many years and littel is known of his adventuring amongst the small talk of the villagers.

Lord Drago III

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