A small village known as Korme. Nestled amongst the trees of the large expanse of forest that huggs the miles of foothills that stretch out below the mountains.
Your journey there is uneventful as the well trodden loose rubble road has been carefully looked after, though the odd pothole makes for a bumpy ride for those who pass you in carts and wagons. Fellow travellers are in good spirit and talk freely about the village they are approaching, for a number of them are returning with goods for the upcoming celebrations and are in excitable mood.

This road is for many miles under the protection of Korme and skirts along the edge of the forest where it has been cleared for farmland, before plunging into the tall trees. The nearby mountains are mined by a small settlement of dwarfs who use the village of Korme as a trade point. Similarly elves who live deeper in the forest again make this village their first port of call into the more human populated areas. Korme was set up as a bastion to keep control of the wilder humanoid races, goblins and orcs are known to prowl the forested foothills and Korme’s garrison patrols the area keeping it safe for travellers. A more civilized village of bugbears often trade with the village and have been known to help out the humans, elves, and dwarves with the troublesome orcs and goblins.

No elves live within Korme though there is always one or two elves visiting from the surrounding forest. Quite alot of dwarf traders and families come and go and there are a few residences built into the ground for their use (seasonal homes and shoppes). There are some dwarfes two have made permanent residence here, a husband, wife and child who live here works the forge and armor shop which is run by his uncle a most famous dwarf in the Kingdom. Lord Cuthalion hero of Korme Moot or so the locals call him.

The village itself is mostly stone and flint buildings with timber shingle roofs, materials sourced from the forest and from the nearby mountain dwarves. Stone is stronger and doesn’t burn and makes for a much better fortress. The village is surrounded by a low stone wall 6ft high but 6ft wide and infront is a dry ditch 10ft deep and 20ft wide. The village is not large with a small population but is not crowded together and numerous large tress still grow along the street edges, the buildings and around the large village square. The village is set out in a radial pattern within the circular wall. The main road comes in through a timber gate in the east wall which then quite quickly opens out into the village square, beyond that the road continues to the stone garrison building which also forms part of the ruling families manor house.
To the North side of the square is the local temple/church and to the south is a large A-framed building the size of a large tithe barn, this is the village hall which is also the inn/pub and the main meeting place for the villagers. Its main entrance in the narrow end faces the square and it is adorned high up with a wooden dragon head high up at the ridge of the roof.
The the main buildings surround the village square, which is a good 100ft across, and consist only of general a food shop/bakers, a general goods store, a small school, a stables and large dwarven smithy.


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