Lord Drago II is Dead!

And so our story starts. Not from battle, not from pestilence, not from a curse. He died from old age, peacefully. A noble warrior, lord and leader of men, he had ruled his small fiefdom for decades, and was amdired by his people. His openness to the civilised races was well known and his holding a bastion of security out inthe forest wilds of this part of the kingdom.

His fiefdom which was known by those in the great capitol and those far off in power as Drago, is in fact known by its inhabitants and those more familiar to the kingdom as Korme.

Lord Drago II has lain dead thses many weeks and has lied in state and buried as befits a much loved ruler and hero of war. And now his eldest son, Lord Drago III has returned home from his life of adventure to claim his Lordship over Korme, and with any corronation there must be ceremony and celebration.

Messengers have been sent out across the kingdom to invite persons of renown and guests of inportance and friends of the family and Drago. But most interestingly messengers andposters have been sent forth welcoming adventous type and thrill seekers to participate in the celebratory games!

It sis quite an unuasal event and obviusly this new young lord has decided to pull out all the stops and open his coin purse wide to host and fund this Day of Combat Games.

It ithis that has brought teh adventurs to Korme. To try rergister for the games, try thier hand and win gold and remown. And so the adventuers, having travelled alside other would-be combatants and sightseers stand in the village square of Korme.

To one side is what appers to be a church or temple and it would seem the local clergy man is outside talking by a small group of people who seem very excited about something. Other people busy themselves with puting the finishing touches to bunting and garland of lfowers to adorn the village square and you see a dias has been set up with a large chair atop, and there are benches set in front, and it woudl appear guards to keep people away from this inportant centerpiece.

You have arrive the evening before the coronatio, or so you have been told, and today is teh last day to sign in for the games which will be held in two days time at a place called Korme Moot. The people you have travelled with have heard of the name but know very little about it, but one of them a veteran adventuer dwarf wizard named Frederik Storm Tamerseems to be holding back, he dropped some hints that he knew more about what was to happen but made it quite clear he would need a drink or two bought for him before he would spill the beans.


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