Mummy Wrappings

Ac+1 HP 50 Enchanted wrappings of bodily preservation


These strongly woven yellowy/white linen wrappings emit a faint aura of preservation magic. Designed to protect and prolong the preservation of a mummified body their magic has unusual but beneficial effects upon the living. A body (alive or dead) wrapped in the bandages (the mouth nose and eyes and ears can be left uncovered without fault) gains a +1 bonus of AC due to their tough nature, and they can absorb 50hp of damage before being destroyed. If attacked a creature wrapped in these bandages does not take the first 50hp of damage unless it is fire or mental (psychic) which the bandages cannot protect against.
Once 50hp have been absorbed then the bandages are destroyed and useless.

In addition to this the preservation magics woven into the wrappings means a creature does not require food or water to survive. An unconscious creature can be transported over long distances with relatively good protection until they can be cured or revived. A conscious living creature can wear them an gain the above benefits.

Unfortunately these wrappings were never designed to be worn for a long time by the living. For every day they are worn the creature must make a Save vs Con or loose 1 point of Constitution. This will be regained at the rate of 1 point per day once the wrappings are no longer worn. If the creature is ever reduced to 0 Con while wearing the wrappings then they die and are resurrected 24 hours later as a mummy. An unconscious character gets the save but is unaware of the draining effects until they are revives or until they die.


Mummy Wrappings

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